The Pustertal is a valley in the Alps that extends over parts of South Tyrol as well as East Tyrol running in an easterly direction from the Mühlbacher Klause in the west to the Lienzer Klause in the east. The term “Pustertal” is commonly used to refer to the South Tyrolean part of the valley only.

The western Pustertal which is also known as the green valley because of its forests, fields and national parks is in South Tyrol. The river that flows through the western part of the valley is the Rienz whereas the Drau flows through the eastern part of the valley which is mainly in East Tyrol. This eastern part is also referred to as the “Hochpustertal” with its characteristic mountain peaks of the Sextner and Lienzer Dolomites.

The villages of the Pustertal are between 750 and 1,180 m above sea level. The most important places in the western valley are Welsberg, Olang and Bruneck, the main villages in the eastern valley are Innichen, Toblach and Sexten. The Pustertal railway travels through the valley.