Arrival and departure:
Your room will be at your disposal until 11 a.m. on the day of your departure. Therefore, we kindly ask you to understand that rooms are generally not available before 3 pm on the day of your arrival and a booked room will be reserved for you until 4 pm Should you arrive later than 4 pm, we kindly ask you to let us know.

A reservation is valid from the moment you receive a confirmation on the part of the Helm Hotel via fax, e-mail or mail and when you have paid a deposit of 20% del total price. Please understand that we cannot bear the costs of any transfers. We are not able to refund your deposit in the case you cancel your holiday. Should you cancel the holiday within 30 days before your planned arrival, the deposit will be valid for a future stay at our hotel.You can pay a deposit as follows:
  • bank transfer:
    Raiffeisenkasse Hochpustertal - Italy
    IBAN CODE: IT 42 S 08020 58790 000301045610  
  • online transfer Click to pay
  • by sending us your credit card details
  • vaglia postale (only within Italy)


It is not possible for us to offer you any price reductions if you do not eat meals at our hotel.

Cancellation of a reservation and early departure:
The right of withdrawal as laid down in the Consumers´code is not contemplated - however, we are willing to apply the following conditions for withdrawal: 

- For cancellations up to 30 days prior to arrival, the deposit amount may be used as a credit for one year or can be refunded. 
- For cancellations fewer than 30 days prior to arrival, 80% of the cost of the total booking will be charged. 
- In case of late arrival or early departure, the full value of booking will be charged.

Therefore, we recommend you to take out travel cancellation insurance!

We'll be happy to take care of all the other formalities. 

In case you signed the insurance hier the insured reasons for Trip cancellation / Trip curtailment:
The following events are covered as reasons for trip cancellation / trip curtailment, if as a result you are unexpectedly unable to commence the trip
or have to curtail it:
- unexpectedly occurring serious illness, serious physical injury caused by an accident, adverse reactions to a vaccination or death;
- loosening of implanted joints;
- unexpectedly occurring serious illness, serious physical injury caused by an accident or death (including suicide) of a family member, making your
presence absolutely necessary;
- pregnancy, if the pregnancy is determined after booking the journey, or severe pregnancy complications up to the 35th week of pregnancy inclusive;
- serious damage to your property at the place of residence as a result of acts of God (e.g. flood, storm), fire, burst water pipes or criminal act of a
third party, making your presence absolutely necessary;
- loss of job without fault, as a result of notice of termination issued by the employer;
- call-up to basic military service or alternative civilian service;
- submission of an action for divorce to the competent court or, in the case of registered life partnerships, the submission of a petition for dissolution
before the trip to be taken jointly by the married couple/civil partners;
- dissolution of the relationship of two partners living together (who have had the same registered address for at least 6 months) by the giving up of
the joint residence immediately before the trip to be undertaken jointly by the partners concerned;
- failure to pass the school-leaving certificate examination, or a similar final examination for a course of school education lasting at least 3 years;
- receipt of an unexpected judicial summons.
Family members shall be the spouse (or registered life partner or live-in partner in a joint household), the children (stepchildren, children-in-law, grandchildren,
foster children), the parents (step parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, foster parents), the siblings and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law of
the insured person; in the case of registered life partner or live-in partner in a joint household also their children, parents and siblings.

You may pay your hotel bill cash or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) and EC card. We prefer cash.

Since December 6, 2011 it is in Italy by law no. 201/2011 no longer permitted to pay amounts exceeding Euro 1.999.99 in cash. However, the following payment methods are allowed: debit cards, credit cards, non-transferable cheques, bank transfers.

Room number:
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to tell you for sure on what floor your room will be and what number it will have within a specific category in advance.

Your hotel in the Dolomites
The Helm Hotel in Innichen is the ideal hotel in the Dolomites for you! Only 300m from the Helm cableway, it offers comfortable rooms, the best of South Tyrolean cuisine, a bright spa area, an indoor playroom and an outdoor playground, a lounge with a fireplace and an outdoor swimming pool heated with solar energy (in summer)!